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"It was divine timing to meet Rachel! She helped me in more ways than I can count and continues to be a huge support, my gratitude is immeasurable! Navigating a high conflict case alone is overwhelming. Rachel is full of strategy, knowledge and stress relief! I am so happy for her presence in my life and to have her on my team!" -Anonymous



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"Divorce is harder than I thought looking from the outside in. Every word you say is scrutinized and your lack of words is scrutinized. I heard about a "Divorce Coach" from my readings and I was curious. I found Rachel through the One Mom's Battle's Instagram page. Rachel has helped me work through court-ordered communications on Talking Parents, documentation, and walking me through what to expect through this process. Rachel has given me helpful advice quickly and I appreciate her booking system which makes it easy to reach out as needed. Honestly, her help gives me peace of mind that I have a second opinion and support with what I'm going through. The sessions I have had have been productive and guided me through this overwhelming process." -Anonymous




Follow the link below to find other resources that will aid you in your journey. One Mom's Battle offers various courses to help us develop the tools to handle our high conflict spouses. 


Documentation Workshop

Strategic Communication

Divorcing a Narcissist 101

Mediating with a Narcissist

Safeguarding from claims of Parental Alienation

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