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Empowered & Informed

Create a sustainable plan to navigate you through your divorce with ease using my 3 Step proven method the Empowered Freedom Method.


The Create Your Empowered & Informed Divorce is presented by Rachel Snow, a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach & Consultant and founder of Luminary Divorce Coaching.


Grow a connected like-minded community of women on the same path as you while learning how to keep yourself safe and sane.


Join me for a 90-day divorce mentorship program designed to develop new coping skills for more peace during and after your divorce. 


Get into action with me in three virtual sessions. The program is structured to help you gain new tools and muscles for navigating the divorce process. 

“I LOVED working with Rachel!

She made navigating the family court system so much easier. She helped me understand what to expect, how the family court system worked and provided a ton of guidance.


Rachel was so supportive and kind. She was empathetic and easy to talk to. I love that she is a trained expert but that she also has her own lived experience that allows her to truly understand where you are coming from and what you are experiencing. Rachel even came to court with me when I had to testify!


With Rachel’s support and guidance, I was able to gain more custody of my kids, so they are now safe, happy and thriving!


I highly recommend working with Rachel to have the support you deserve while navigating such a challenging time!”




Safe and Sane Divorce

Zoom Sessions:

You can pay in full: $997


Choose the Payment Plan:
$343 a month for 3 months

Do you...

Do you feel like you're unsafe and your children are not protected?

Do you feel you aren't prepared for what’s next?

Do you feel like you don't have a community to support you and you're navigating this alone?

Do you crave connection and communication so that you have clarity and confidence for your next steps?

Do you feel like you're in fight or flight and your nervous system is elevated and it is affecting your mental and physical health?

If this is you, this program is designed to give you the tools, strategy, and support to help you stay safe, be prepared, and to have the community and communication with an expert to direct and guide you every step of the way. This program is designed to ensure you stay connected to a community that can hold you accountable for making sure you protect your family and stay out of fight or flight so that you can be your healthiest, most mentally secure, and safest self.


“I absolutely loved working with Rachel.

She made me feel optimistic about navigating the family court system.

Rachel was kind, empathetic, knowledgeable and intentional with my time. Her first words after hearing my story were 'I believe you', words I had yet to hear and didn't know how much I needed them. She walked me through what to expect, giving me hope while simultaneously giving me insight into the frustrations I would soon face with the court system. Meetings with her gave me the only small moments of confidence I had for what I was facing. She helped me prepare for next steps, gave me honest opinions on experts and truly felt like a guardian angel walking next to me. I cannot recommend hiring Rachel enough.”



Your Divorce Mentorship Program Includes

  • 90-day divorce mentorship program

  • 3 virtual group sessions

  • Session 1: Protect & Prepare

  • Session 2: Community, Communication & Connection

  • Session 3: Finalizing your Flight

  • Weekly Voxer support

  • Ongoing supportive community throughout the journey

  • Opportunities to connect with other women in a similar situation


Session Dates:

First session: Thursday December 7, 2023 12-1PM MST

Second Session: Thursday January 4, 2024 12-1PM MST

Third Session: Thursday February 1, 2024 12-1PM MST


Group Voxer Support Every Wednesday 10 AM - 1 PM MST

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“I thoroughly enjoy working with Rachel.

She made navigating the family court system not feel so daunting.

Rachel is always empathetic, empowering, and kind. She is exactly the kind of person you want in your tribe and the coach you never knew you needed!

I was able to help find some inner peace, a better attorney, a different judge, how to document my experiences, and how to be the best co-parent all with Rachel’s help.

I highly recommend working with Rachel to have the support you deserve while navigating such a challenging time.”

- Anonymous 

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